Sevilla FC Tickets – How to Buy Online

Sevilla FC Tickets – How to Buy Online

Guide and Information on Buying Sevilla FC Tickets

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Football is huge in Seville, and the city is famous for its passionate supporters who often either support Sevilla FC or Real Betis (both teams are based in the city).

Sevilla FC play their games locally at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium and tickets can often be difficult to get hold of. The Spanish football season usually kicks off around August and runs through until May, with Sevilla FC also regularly competing in European competitions.

Here is the current home game 2023/2034 schedule and information for purchasing Sevilla FC tickets:

Date Opponent Location Tickets
03/03/2024 Real Sociedad Seville Book Tickets Online
17/03/2024 Celta de Vigo Seville Book Tickets Online
21/04/2024 Real Mallorca Seville Book Tickets Online
05/05/2024 Granada Seville Book Tickets Online
15/05/2024 Cadiz Seville Book Tickets Online
26/05/2024 Barcelona Seville Book Tickets Online

Sevilla also play in cup competitions both domestically and across Europe, as well as friendly pre-season matches. Sometime match dates and times are changed for TV coverage or weather conditions. It is worth checking the official Sevilla FC website for the most up-to-date fixture information.

Where do Sevilla FC Play?

Sevilla FC play their home games at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium which is located in the centre of Seville and quite close to some of the main tourist attractions.

As of 2024, the stadium has a capacity of around 44,000 and often sells out, especially for the big matches against rivals Real Betis, as well as Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The stadium is named after Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, who was the club’s president in the early 20th century and contributed a lot to the success of the club.

The stadium opened in 1958 and is famed for its electric atmosphere and the crazy energy and passion of the local fans who call themselves the ‘Sevillistas’.

I’ve been to plenty of football games across Europe, especially in the UK, and the atmosphere at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium is one of the best I’ve witnessed!

Sevilla FC Stadium Tours

How to buy tickets for Seville Football Stadium Tour

You can also do a tour of the Seville Football stadium costing just €12 that lasts around an hour. With plenty of history over the years, the tour is well worth the money, with some excellent memorabilia and access to all areas of the stadium.
– Tour times and days vary from month to month depending on fixtures (Check Availability Now)
Free audio guide (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish)

Book Tour Ticket:

The Spanish football season sees every team play each other twice, with one game at home and one game away. Therefore in a regular season Sevilla FC will play 19 home games, as well as extra games for domestic and European cup competitions.

When is the Football Season in Spain?

The football season in Spain typically kicks off in August and runs through May of the following year. This period includes La Liga, the premier professional football division in Spain, as well as other domestic and international competitions involving Spanish clubs.

So, if you’re visiting as a tourist between these months I highly recommend purchasing some Sevilla FC Tickets. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be in the city during a home game!

Because of the intense heat in Seville, matches are often played in the evening, and this is common across the whole of Spain.

Purchasing Sevilla FC Tickets

Purchasing Sevilla FC tickets can often be quite challenging. The majority of the home tickets are sold to season ticket holders, who purchase a year long pass to see every game.

Tickets are also available officially through the official website, but these sell out fast and are often purchased by fans who have ‘ticket loyalty’ (where they get priority access to booking tickets as they have been to a certain amount of games). This makes it very difficult for tourists to get hold of tickets this way.

The best way to purchase tickets is through he secondary market, which is encouraged in Spain, and for tourists is often the only way they can get to a home game.

Check out the latest availability through StubHub.

You will often find ticket re-sellers around the stadium offering tickets. I strongly advise to not purchase tickets this way. Not only is it illegal in Spain, but it is often a scam and fake tickets can mean you end up losing out on money and a chance of seeing a game.

Choosing Seats when purchasing Sevilla FC Tickets

When choosing where to sit in the stadium you need to consider a few factors. You can pick based on the atmosphere, the view or the price.

Sevilla FC Tickets Seating Plan

sevilla fc stadium plan

Preferencia (the clue is in the name) is often regarded as the best place to sit in the stadium with the best views of the game and a pretty good atmosphere

For the best atmosphere I would recommend either of the ends, with the Gol Norte (North) slightly more passionate and crazy when it comes to atmosphere than the Gol Sur (south).

As a rule of thumb, when purchasing tickets through StubHub, the bigger the price the better the view. For a tourist I would recommend seats in the ‘Preferncia’ as it offers the perfect mix of a great atmosphere with a great view of the whole match.

There is a more detailed seating plan available on the SubHub website to check exact locations.

Buy Sevilla FC Tickets Online and Check Availability on StubHub

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