Flamenco Show Seville – Guide and Tickets

Flamenco Show Seville – Guide and Tickets

Information and Guide on the Best Flamenco Show to see in Seville

seville flamenco show
flamenco show seville

Experiencing a flamenco show in Seville is a must-do attraction especially if you’re looking to get a true taste of Andalusian culture.

This guide will help you find the perfect Flamenco show in Seville from the many options available, aiming to give you a truly authentic experience.

Best Flamenco Venues and Shows in Seville for 2024

As the home of Flamenco dancing, there are many different options available to watch a flamenco show in Seville.

Here are a selection of the best options available to you right now, with different venues and shows based on personal preference, budgets and schedule.

1) Museo del Baile Flamenco (Our Top Pick for Tourists!)


Central location in the heart of Seville (Santa Cruz) (Map)


– On-site museum to explore the history
Historic venue (18th century courtyard) that blends a traditional atmosphere with being tourist-friendly.
– Shows performed by some of the leading dancers, singers and musicians in Spain

Schedule and Tickets

Three shows daily, Monday to Sunday, at 5pm, 7pm and 8:45pm (book in advance as they do sell out)
Price for a show and museum access is €29 (Check Availability and Book Online)

The Museo del Baile Flamenco is the first place I recommend when people ask me for the best place to watch a Flamenco show in Seville. The performances are truly breathtaking and I found myself mesmerised with the dancing and music for the full hour. Not only that, it’s held in one the best Flamenco venues in the South of Spain, really adding an authentic and traditional vibe of the show.

You can also check out the on-site museum, which is well worth a look, and real adds context to the shows with a full history. The museum is open 10AM – 6PM, and can be visited at any time on the day of your ticket.

Try and arrive around 30 minutes before the show, as seats are not reserved, and the best experience is at the front!

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2) Teatro Flamenco Sevilla


The theatre is located in the centre of Seville (Map)


– 6 professional performers (including singers, dancers and musicians)
Intimate venue in the heart of Seville.
Best Value for money, with shows starting from just €20

Schedule and Tickets

Two shows daily, Monday to Sunday, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm
Price for a show starts from €20 (Check Availability and Book Online)

Another superb local venue in the centre of Seville for flamenco is Teatro Flamenco Sevilla.

The seating is a little uncomfortable, but at only an hour, and such incredible performances, you soon forget. Again, try and arrive early (30 minutes before) to get your choice of seats.

There is no real introduction/explanation or history before the performance, which is why we do recommend the show above that includes a museum visit, but this is still an excellent show and well worth seeing if you’re in Seville.

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3) Teatro Flamenco Triana


The theatre is located just outside the centre in the area of Triana (Map)


– Located in Triana, home to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in Seville.
– Stunning 100-seat intimate venue (architecture inspired by the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition).
– Award winning performers from some of Spain’s top Flamenco festivals.

Schedule and Tickets

Three shows daily, Monday to Sunday, at 5.30pm, 7.30pm and 9pm
Price for a one hour show is €25 (Check Availability and Book Online)

If you’re staying in the area of Triana, or have booked one of the many restaurants and bars in the area, it may be worthwhile heading to this Flamenco venue in Triana.

This show is slightly less touristy than the others mentioned, and more locals and Spanish nationals can be seen attending the daily performances. However, don’t be concerned, they welcome tourists and you’ll have an excellent time if booking here.

The venue is really intimate, and has a strong traditional feel, yet the lighting, sound and technology used in the show is top class and they do an excellent job of blending this all into the experience. Highly recommended.

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4) La Cantaora Flamenco Show (Includes a Dinner and Drink!)


La Cantaora is situated in the centre of Seville (Map)


Multiple menu options, including tapas, chef’s selection, or traditional favourites.
– 19th Century traditional themed venue that is tourist-friendly.
– Central, easy to find location.

Schedule and Tickets

Two shows daily (with dinner), Monday to Sunday, at 6:30pm and 8:30pm (it is advised to book in advance)
Price for a show and dinner start from just €70 (Check Availability and Book Online)

Now if you’re looking for the ultimate Flamenco experience combined with traditional local food and tapas, then this is the show for you!

The show is excellent, with a high class of performers (some of the best singers in Seville), but the real quality comes with the food served alongside the performance. Pick from a range of options available, there is honestly something for everyone with a free drink included (or a bottle for groups of 4 or more!).

The venue and ambience is traditional and intimate with a conscious effort to try and recreate the atmosphere you would have back in the 19th century.

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5) Tablao El Arenal


Centrally located in Seville, next to the Bullring. (Map)


– Intimate, traditionally decorated venue, with proper tables to watch the show.
– Dinner can be added including a hot/cold tapas selection or full a la carte menu choice
– Basic ticket includes a free drink, including beer, wine or a soft drink.

Schedule and Tickets

Two shows daily, Monday to Sunday, at 7pm and 9:30pm
Price for a show (including a drink) starts from €42 (Check Availability and Book Online)

Another venue that gets a lot of plaudits for a spectacular Flamenco show is Tablao El Arenal.

As is common with most flamenco venues, the room the performance happens in is small and intimate – with traditional Andalusian decoration including bullfighting (it’s located right next to the bull ring) memorabilia and historical Seville paintings.

I haven’t actually experienced this show myself, but others have told me that the seating can be a little difficult if getting there late. Some of the seats at the back give a fairly limited view, so would recommend getting their early (especially as they have plenty of food and drink options and a nice bar!).

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Street Flamenco Show Seville

As well as the organised shows in some of Seville’s theatres and Flamenco venues, there is also a lively scene of Flamenco dancing in the street.

flamenco show seville
seville street show plaza de espana flamenco

Please, if you do go and take a photo or video of the performance, or enjoy the time to watch, it is polite to leave a small cash tip to show your appreciation. This is the only way these performers earn money, and it allows them to put on shows all year round.

Some of the common locations for a street Flamenco performance are the Plaza de Espana and in the central tourist locations (such as outside the Cathedral). Whilst the majority of these performances are stunning, they can also be slightly less authentic, preying on the tourists who aren’t as familiar with the local tradition, so just be careful.

In my opinion it is recommended to book a Flamenco show at a recognised venue in Seville if you want to get the best possible experience. The indoor venues really add to the atmosphere.

If you do however want to catch a street performance, here are some of the best locations and times to try:

LocationBest Time to VisitFlamenco Show Seville Information
Plaza de EspañaEveningsIconic landmark with stunning architecture. Often has passionate flamenco performances near the main pavilion.
Plaza del SalvadorLate AfternoonBustling square with lively street performers. Flamenco artists often gather here, especially around sunset.
Triana (Calle Betis)NightsVibrant nightlife area by the river. Known for authentic, impromptu flamenco shows from local artists.
Alameda de HérculesWeekendsPublic square that attracts flamenco dancers and musicians, particularly on weekends.
Plaza de la EncarnaciónAfternoonsModern square under the Metropol Parasol (Las Setas). A popular spot for flamenco performances, especially in the afternoon.

What is Flamenco Dancing?

Flamenco is a traditional Spanish art form that combines singing (cante), dancing (baile), and guitar playing (toque).

It’s characterised by its passionate and expressive style, with intricate footwork, rhythmic hand-clapping, and emotional storytelling through the combination of music and movement.

Originating in the Andalusian region, flamenco has become a vibrant cultural symbol of Spain.

What does a Flamenco Show in Seville Involve?

The number of performers in a flamenco show can vary, but it usually includes at least one singer, one or more dancers (often female), and a guitarist. Some shows may also feature additional musicians like percussionists or flutists and performers rotate throughout the night.

Some Flamenco shows can be combined with dinner and drinks, allowing you to make a full evening. Whilst this may sound a little touristy, it’s also quite a common thing for locals to do, and the food and drink offerings at some of the venues (think traditional tapas and matching wines) are excellent and well worth doing if you’re looking to combine traditional food with traditional dance!

Seville Flamenco Museum

For those of you interested in the art and history of flamenco dancing and feel that just a single show isn’t enough may want to look into visiting the Seville Flamenco museum.

The Seville Flamenco Museum, or in Spanish Museo del Baile Flamenco, is a museum devoted to the art of flamenco dance.

The museum is interactive with multiple exhibitions highlighting the history and culture of Flamenco in the south of Spain. The museum is built on a historic location, an 18th century preserved building, and hosts regular Flamenco shows.

Visit our full Flamenco Museum Guide with Ticket Information

Seville Flamenco Show FAQs

What should I wear for a Flamenco show in Seville?

I personally would recommend dressing for a Flamenco show how you would dress for a nice meal out. Something that is smart-casual: a nice dress or blouse for women, and a collared shirt with trousers for men.

Can I talk during a Flamenco Show Seville?

It is encouraged to stay silent during a flamenco show to get the most out of the performance and pay respect to the artists. This can differ from venue to venue, so please check local websites for more information.

How long does a Flamenco Show last?

This depends on the show, however in Seville the usual time is around 50 minutes to an hour. The shows are very intense so performers generally need to break after an hour.

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