Flamenco Show Seville – Tickets and Guide

Flamenco Show Seville – Tickets and Guide

Best Seville Flamenco Show – Tourist Information

flamenco show seville
seville flamenco show

Experiencing a flamenco show in Seville is one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to get a true taste of Spanish culture.

Flamenco is deeply rooted in Seville’s culture, and is a passionate and rhythmic form of traditional Spanish music and dance that captivates audiences with its expressive and very emotionally charged performances.

As a tourist, catching a Flamenco show in Seville is a must-do attraction.

Flamenco Shows Seville Information


Flamenco shows are held in multiple Seville locations. However, for a traditional and intimate experience we recommend Palacio del Embrujo Seville

Opening Times

Traditional flamenco shows typically take place in the evening, with most dancers performing twice per night. A first show is usually around 7:30PM and the second around 10PM

Entry and Tickets

General admission for a scheduled flamenco show in Seville can cost anywhere from €20 to €60. A show is typically around 1.5 hours and can include a meal and drinks. View and Book a range of Flamenco Shows Online Here

Seville Flamenco Show Tickets and Tours

What are the best options for booking a Flamenco show in Seville?

Our recommendation for the best place to see a Flamenco show in Sevilla is to head to the Palacio del Embrujo. This traditional venue is cosy and intimate, allowing you to really experience the flamenco culture of Seville. You can add drinks and dinner to the ticket to create the perfect evening. Shows last 50 minutes, including a cast of dancers, guitarists, singers and palmeros. Tickets start from just €48 and can be booked online here.

Alternatively, if you’re near or staying in the Triana neigberhood, the ‘Triana Theater Seville: Flamenco Show’ is another excellent option. (Book tickets here)

Book Palacio del Embrujo:

Book Triana:

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a traditional Spanish art form that combines singing (cante), dancing (baile), and guitar playing (toque).

It’s characterised by its passionate and expressive style, with intricate footwork, rhythmic hand-clapping, and emotional storytelling through the combination of music and movement.

Originating in the Andalusian region, flamenco has become a vibrant cultural symbol of Spain.

Finding a Flamenco show in Seville

You will find two types of Flamenco shows in Seville. There are intimate organised shows held in various Flamenco venues across Seville, and then there are street performers.

The intimate organised shows are often held in small atmospheric venues known as tablaos or penas. These involve intensely emotional displays where the audience can easily become immersed in the performances. These shows are my personal favourite and a truly excellent way to experience Flamenco in Seville.

Street performance of Flamenco are also popular around Seville, with common locations being the Plaza de Espana and in the central tourist locations (such as outside the Cathedral). Whilst the majority of these performances are stunning, they can also be slightly less authentic, preying on the tourists who aren’t as familiar with the local tradition.

flamenco performance in Seville
seville flamenco show

It is recommended to book a Flamenco show at a recognised venue in Seville if you want to get the best possible experience.

Whilst some of the street performances can be excellent, the indoor venues (such as Tablao El Arenal and La Casa de Flamenco) really add to the atmosphere. There is nothing better than seeing a passionate display of Flamenco in a traditional old building that has character and charm, as well as the history of hundreds of years worth of Flamenco dancing.

Here is a list of the best Flamenco venues in Seville as of 2024:

VenueLocationTickets and Schedules
Tablao El ArenalCalle Rodo, 7Tickets and Schedule
Tablao Flamenco Los GallosPlaza de Santa Cruz, 11Tickets and Schedule
Seville Flamenco Dance MuseumCalle Manuel Rojas MarcosTickets and Schedule
Tablao El Palacio AndaluzCalle María Auxiliadora, 18Tickets and Schedule

What does a Flamenco Show in Seville Involve?

The number of performers in a flamenco show can vary, but it usually includes at least one singer, one or more dancers (often female), and a guitarist. Some shows may also feature additional musicians like percussionists or flutists and performers rotate throughout the night.

Some Flamenco shows can be combined with dinner and drinks, allowing you to make a full evening. Whilst this may sound a little touristy, it’s also quite a common thing for locals to do, and the food and drink offerings at some of the venues (think…) are excellent and well worth doing if you’re looking to combine traditional food with traditional dance!

Seville Flamenco Museum Tickets and Shows

Seville is considered by some to be the home of Flamenco, and there are multiple shows and venues where you can watch this historic dance. Here are a selection of the best Flamenco shows in Seville

Seville Flamenco Museum

There is also a Flamenco museum in Seville that you can visit at the same time as watching a show.

The Seville Flamenco Museum, or in Spanish Museo del Baile Flamenco, is a museum devoted to the art of flamenco dance.

The museum is interactive with multiple exhibitions highlighting the history and culture of Flamenco in the south of Spain. The museum is built on a historic location, an 18th century preserved building, and hosts regular Flamenco shows.

Visit our full Flamenco Museum Guide with Ticket Information

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