Seville Public Transport Guide

Seville Public Transport Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Getting Around Seville with Transport Tips and Options

Seville has excellent public transport options for tourists looking to access the many local attractions with a modern and well-developed transportation network including buses, trams, and a metro system.

Check out the guides below to discover the best way to travel around Seville:

seville metro guide
seville bus guide
seville tram guide

hop on hop off bus seville
seville train guide
seville taxi guide

Seville Metro

The Seville Metro, known locally as Metro de Sevilla, currently consists of a single line (approximately 18 kilometres long) and connects the eastern and western parts of central Seville.

The Seville metro has 22 stations and is simple and efficient to use. However it’s not always the best option for tourists, with the metro offering very little coverage near the major tourist attractions.

Trains run with a frequency of 5-10 minutes and the metro operates from around 6:30 AM until around 11:00 PM.

A full guide on the Seville Metro can be found here.

To purchase tickets and check routes/stations please visit the official Seville Metro website

Seville Tram

The Seville Tram, known locally as the MetroCentro (not to be confused with the actual metro), is a light rail tram system that operates around the city centre.

The tram offers a variety of useful stops for tourists, linking some of the major attractions together, as well as travelling through some of the cities most famous streets.

Seville Tram Line Stops
1. San Bernardo
2. Plaza del Duque
3. Archivos de Indias
4. Prado de San Sebastián
5. Puerta de Jerez
6. Archivo de Indias
7. San Bernardo
seville tram

Tickets for the tram are priced at 1.20 euros and are available at any of the tram stations. You need to validate your ticket directly on the tram by stamping it yourself.

A full guide to the Seville tram can be found here.

Seville Bus

Like many other major cities, Seville has a comprehensive bus network that serves all areas inside and outside the city centre.

The main operator of buses in Seville is Tussam. Bus services typically run from 6 AM to 2 AM daily.

Bus tickets start at €1.40 for a single, one-way trip and can be bought on-board the bus (try to use exact change, some buses do not have the option to pay on card).

seville bus station
a bus in seville

For more information on the various tickets, cards and routes please visit the official Tussam Seville bus information page here.

If you’re looking for a day-trip outside of Seville, or to continue your travels in Spain, there are also long distance bus routes from Seville. These buses leave from Seville Bus Station (Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas) and cover a variety of destinations including Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, and many more.

Click here to check out our full guide on buses in Seville.

Seville Travel Cards and Passes

There are a few different options for tourists looking to get a more cost-effective way of travelling around Seville. One of the best ways is to purchase one of the public transport travel card ticket options.

These are available to purchase from local shops and kiosks, as well as main transport hubs, and include travel on both the bus and tram.

seville travel pass
travel pass seville bus

Tarjeta Multiviaje: this is a multi-trip card for buses and trams in Seville giving you a discount on all single ticket once purchased. You can obtain the cards and top-up credits at various kiosks around the City. The card can be purchased initially for €1.50 and, once topped-up, allows you to take single trips on the bus and tram for only €0.69.

Tarjeta Turista: Translates to the ‘Tourist Card’ and made specifically for tourists visiting Seville looking to visit the many attractions. You can purchase either a 1 (€5) or a 3 day (€10) card allowing unlimited travel around Seville.

It’s worth checking first how much you’re going to use public transport in Seville. A lot of the key attractions are situated very close together, and can be easily accessed by walking. So plan ahead and check before purchasing a 3 day pass.

Seville Taxis

There are also plenty of taxi options for tourists visiting Seville, with a large number of vehicles offering services around the city centre

Taxis are safe and regulated well in Seville. Look for the official white vehicles stationed around the centre (the main taxi rank is situated at Plaza Nueva), or use one of the many taxi app options (including Cabify and Uber).

Check out our full guide on Taxis in Seville here.

Seville Airport Transfers – Getting to San Pablo Seville Airport

Getting to Seville Airport is a straightforward process, whether you’re traveling from the city centre or other locations in the region. Read our full Seville Airport Transfers guide here.

seville airport
airport in seville

Seville Sight-Seeing Bus – Hop On Hop Off

The Seville sightseeing bus is a popular and easy way for tourists to explore the city’s major attractions at their own pace.

These open-top, double-decker buses offer what is known as a hop-on-hop-off service, allowing you to disembark at various points of interest and rejoin the tour whenever you are ready.

The buses also offer guided commentary via a small headset to give you some context and history of Seville as you drive around.

Tickets can be purchased online here and are typically available for varying durations, such as 24 or 48 hours.

Check out our full guide to the Hop on Hop Off bus here.

Other Forms of Transport in Seville

horse and carriage ride seville
bike rental seville
scooter rental seville

Other than public transport there are also a few others ways to get around Seville.

If you’re looking for an old-school and traditional experience, you can use a horse and carriage to get around the centre – combining the top attractions with a relaxed tour sat down!

You can also get around the city yourself, making use of the many rental opportunities available to you. You’re able to rent bikes, scooters and even segways so that you can zoom around Seville, combining that excellent weather with a bit of exercise!

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