Day Trips From Seville – Guided Tours and Tickets

Day Trips From Seville – Guided Tours and Tickets

The Best Day Trips from Seville – Transport, Tour Guides and Tips

As well as being an excellent city break, Seville is also a fantastic base for exploring some other cities in the region of Andalusia.

With its well-connected transportation options and central location, the city makes day trips to nearby cities a possibility.

So if you’re staying in Seville for more than a couple of days, and keen to discover even more top attractions, it is well worth checking some of the city day trip guides below.

City Day Trips from Seville

The majority of locations in the South of Spain share similarities, with tapas featuring heavy in the food culture and Moorish inspired architecture throughout.

However, all the surrounding cities have enough unique features and attractions that they are worth visiting if you have the time. The Alhambra in Granada is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, Cordoba has a sensational Mosque-Cathedral, and Malaga has white-sand beaches right in the heart of the city!

All of the day-trip guides above feature cities that can be travelled to, and from, Seville in just one day. In order to get the most of your day-trip we would advise to book the earliest train possible, especially for Granada as it has a lot to explore!

For an extended guide on visiting the Alhambra check out our Seville Alhambra Day Trip Guide.

Activity Day Trips from Seville

olive oil tasting tour seville

As well as visiting some of the best cities the South of Spain has to offer, there are also lots of activity day tours from Seville.

These activities will pick you up from the centre of Seville, or even your hotel, and provide you with a fun day out exploring the best of Southern Spain.

Since the rework a few years back (making everything safe), I highly recommend the Caminito del Rey – it’s super exciting with some stunning views.

For those Game of Thrones fans, it is worth looking into a tour of the Italica Roman Ruins, where large parts of the popular TV show were filmed!

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