Maria Luisa Park Seville – Tourist Guide

Maria Luisa Park Seville – Tourist Guide

Guide and Information for Parque de Maria Luisa Sevilla

maria luisa park seville
maria luisa park

Maria Luisa Park in Seville is a large public park known for its greenery, gardens, and architectural attractions. It’s a great place for tourists to visit, with the shaded paths and peaceful benches offering some respite from the intense heat and bustle of Seville.

Maria Luisa Park General Information


P.º de las Delicias, s/n, 41013 Sevilla, Spain

Opening Times

Daily: 8AM – 12AM during the summer and 8AM to 10PM in winter

Entry and Tickets

The park is public and free to visit. More information on the Official Website

Overview and History of Maria Luisa Park Seville

Originally designed as the private gardens of the San Telmo Palace, Parque de María Luisa underwent a transformation into a public park when it was donated to the city in 1893.

The park is centred around Plaza de España, a notable building with bridges, towers, and a canal.

The park’s layout includes both formal and informal landscaping, featuring winding paths, benches, and shaded areas for relaxation.

It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists to enjoy a peaceful environment with fountains, ponds, and statues scattered throughout. There are multiple shaded spots to get away from the afternoon sun.

What to do in María Luisa Park Seville

Here are some of the key highlights when visiting María Luisa Park in Seville:

Plaza de España

The iconic square, Plaza de Espana, is the centrepiece of the park and is renowned for its stunning Neo-Mudéjar and Renaissance Revival architecture. The square features a grand canal, ornate bridges, and a series of alcoves representing the provinces of Spain. It’s a must-visit for its sheer beauty and historical significance.

plaza de espana maria luisa park
maria luisa park plaza

Within the plaza are options to rent a small boat and row around the canal, providing fun for families and some excellent photo opportunities.

The plaza also has multiple refreshment stands if you’re looking to get a snack or drink, and has toilets available for a small fee.

Fountains and Monuments

Throughout the park you’ll find numerous fountains, statues, and monuments. Here are a selection of some of the most famous within the park, and ones well worth visiting:

MonumentDescriptionLocation within the Park
Glorieta de CervantesCircular plaza with a statue of Miguel de Cervantes, the Spanish writer of “Don Quixote.”Northern part of the park
Fuente de las RanasCharming fountain featuring frog sculptures, providing a whimsical element to the park.Throughout the park, exact location varies
Monument to Gustavo Adolfo BécquerDedicated to the Spanish Romantic poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer; features a statue depicting the poet and his muses.Near Glorieta de los Hermanos Álvarez Quintero
Monumento a Juan BelmonteTribute to the famous Sevillian bullfighter Juan Belmonte; features a statue of Belmonte on horseback.Near Plaza de América

Renting a Bike in Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park is an excellent place to explore with a bike, with multiple paths and designated cycle areas. There are also 4 wheeler bikes available to hire where you can fit 4 people and all pedal together!

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Botanical Gardens

maria luisa park seville gardens
maria luisa park seville trees

Parque de María Luisa is home to a diverse range of plant species, including palms, orange trees, and multiple flower beds. The park also has signs with educational content to understand some of these plant and tree species.

Where is María Luisa Park Seville?

Maria Luisa Park is conveniently located within walking distance of Seville’s centre and nearby all the major attractions, making it a great addition to any Seville itineraries.

From the centre, it’s a short 15 minute walk, simply following Calle San Fernando. There are multiple signs to point you in the right direction.

If you’re taking the metro, the closes stop is Prado de San Sebastian, which is a short walk from the park (10 minutes).

The 1, 3, 6, 22, 25 buses all stop at various entrances to the park. The hop on hop off bus also stops outside the park.

Map of Maria Luisa Park Seville

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