Seville Aquarium – Aquarium de Séville Tickets and Guide

Seville Aquarium – Aquarium de Séville Tickets and Guide

Sevilla Aquarium Visitor Guide and Ticket Information

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The Seville Aquarium, known as the ‘Aquarium de Séville‘ in Spanish, is a modern aquarium in the heart of Seville. The aquarium is home to over 7000 creatures and over 400 unique species. They have a strong commitment to both sustainability in the oceans, as well as conservation of marine creatures and resources – with plenty of educational content on display. The Seville aquarium is an excellent way to spend a few hours in Seville for both children and adults, and is highly recommended.

Seville Aquarium General Information


Muelle de las Delicias, s/n, 41012 Sevilla, Spain

Opening Times

Saturday: 10:AM – 7PM,
Sunday to Friday: 10AM – 6PM
Closed on New Years Day and Christmas Day

Entry and Tickets

Seville Aquarium tickets start from €18 for adults, children 14 and under €12 (Book Tickets Online).
Consider a Aquarium and Royal Alcazar Combi Ticket if you also intend to include the Alcazar Palace!

Seville Aquarium Tickets and Tours

How to buy tickets to Seville Aquarium

Entry to the aquarium allows you to explore five dedicated ecosystems, each designed to emulate different locations: the Guadalquivir (river through Seville), Atlantic, Rainforest, Oceanarium, and Indo-Pacific regions. There are over 7000 specimens and 400 unique species to look at, and the aquarium is constantly building and expanding with newly renovated areas ready for 2024; The Rainforest and The Mangrove.

– Tickets do sell-out so book in advance (€18 Adults, €12 Children) (Book Tickets Online).
– Includes entrance to the main displays as well as any exhibitions.
– Newly opened ‘Jelly Fish’ exhibition!

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Seville Aquarium Overview and What to See

The Seville Aquarium is a relatively new addition to Seville, opening in September 2014. The aquarium has over 35 tanks, housing over 7000 creatures.

The aquarium is centred around a huge tank that houses multiple rare and unique species, including two female bull sharks, fully grown turtles, stingrays, and many more. This large tank has multiple viewing windows at various points around the aquarium’s circuit, including an underground glass tunnel that goes right beneath the tank offering you multiple excellent views.

main tank seville aquarium
The Aquarium is centred around the main tank filled with multiple species
interactive kids exhibition seville aquarium
Interactive exhibitions for children!

The aquarium is split into five distinct areas, with each area displaying a different ecosystem (the Guadalquivir (river through Seville), the Atlantic Ocean, the Rainforest, Oceanarium, and the Indo-Pacific Ocean). Each section has multiple tanks with viewing windows from all sorts of angle offering a glimpse of a varied range of creatures.

One minute you can be looking at miniature seahorses, and the next a 12 foot anaconda! The aquarium does a great job of linking the displays, offering an educational journey around the easy to follow ‘circuit’.

Recently the Aquarium has opened a jelly fish exhibition, offering an almost ‘art-like’ display of creatures from the very depths of the ocean. These displays are full of vibrant colours and the dim lighting in the area creates a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

seville aquarium jelly fish
The Jelly Fish Exhibition is filled with beautiful colours and shapes
jellyfish seville aquarium
Perfectly lit tanks demonstrating the beauty of the deep ocean.

The aquarium is geared around educational content with multiple information points and interactive monitors to allow you to learn about the creatures and species you are seeing. It is especially great for children, who will not only be entertained, but also have the chance to expand their knowledge of marine conservation and sustainability initiatives.

There are stations that allow you to touch various creatures named ‘Toca Toca’ (the Spanish for ‘Touch Touch’) including starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins! The aquarium also hosts organised talks throughout the day from the staff who work at the aquarium (including excellent information from the on-site laboratory) and there are options for guided tours available at reception.

seville aquarium gift shop
A cute little gift shop at the end of the aquarium
aquarium de seville information screen
Information screens for education and learning

The Seville aquarium also has a cafe/restaurant, toilets and a gift shop (some very very cute stuffed animals available to buy!) – it’s an excellent way to spend a few hours in Seville and we highly recommend visiting.

How to Get to Aquarium de Séville

The Seville Aquarium is conveniently situated within the heart of Seville, just south of the city centre, making it easily accessible to visitors exploring the city’s other attractions.

It has a prime location along the bank of the Guadalquivir River, enhancing its accessibility and making it easy to navigate from the centre.

If you’re planning to arrive by public transport there are buses that go near the aquarium: Tussam 3, 6 and 34 stopping at La Palmera.

It’s also worth noting that the Seville Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus also stops at the aquarium and so is a great option if you’re planning to explore Seville.

The nearest metro is Puerta Jerez (a 15 minute walk away) and there is also an underground parking lot right next to the aquarium if you’re travelling by car.

Video Of Seville Aquarium

Seville Aquarium FAQ

How long is needed to visit the Seville Aquarium?

It takes roughly 90 minutes to fully see the aquarium, with enough time to experience all of the unique attractions. There is no time limit, and visitors are free to spend as long as they require.

Can I take photos in the Seville Aquarium?

Yes, photos are allowed. However, please note that no flash photography is allowed as this can impact the fish in a negative way.

Is the Seville Aquarium suitable and accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes! There is specifically designed circuit around the aquarium to allow people with reduced mobility to experience everything offered. This includes ramps and lifts.

Does the Seville Aquarium Have Food and Drink?

Yes. The Seville aquarium has a small cafe serving both drinks and snacks for adults and children. This includes coffee, beer, soft drinks, grilled sandwiches and ice cream!

Are there toilets at the Seville Aquarium?

Yes. There are toilets (including for those with disabilities) at the entrance and inside the Aquarium.

What Language is Used for Talks and Information in Seville Aquarium?

All information points (including signs and interactive computer monitors) come in both English and Spanish. Furthermore, talks from staff come in both English and Spanish, and guided tours also include options for French and Italian.

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