Seville Festivals and Events

Seville Festivals and Events

Tourist Guide and Information to the Best Festivals and Events in Seville

To go along with its many tourist attractions, Seville also hosts some of the best festivals and events in the whole of Spain. Check out our guides to various events and festivals below and try to arrange your trip to catch some once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Seville Festivals

Seville hosts two of the most iconic festivals in the whole of Spain: the Feria de Abril (April Fair) and Holy Week (Semana Santa).

These festivals are held every year around the same time.

As amazing as these festivals are, it’s important to note that for tourists it can get overwhelmingly busy during these events. Thousands of locals come out to celebrate or to pay their respects and the streets are lined with crowds.

However, if you’re able to navigate the crowds, it really is quite an experience, and as somebody used to the UK, I was blown away by the passion and turn-out to these events – a real sense of community and respect. I would highly recommend experiencing these events if you can.

The main Seville festivals also effect the prices of hotels and flights to Seville, and often major tourist attractions close or are only open for limited hours.

Christmas and New Year in Seville

Christmas and New Year is a great time to visit Seville. Not only does the city have a lovely atmosphere, you can also get a little winter sun!

New Years Eve is celebrated in style, with large street parties, and people gathering for firework shows and festivals in the city centre.

Christmas in Seville is a a great time to visit – blending traditional and modern celerbrations together across the whole of December and into January. The city comes alive with Christmas markets, light shows, and decorations.

Seville Sporting Events

Seville is home to a bunch of sporting events throughout the year, including hosting some of the major sporting events in Spain. Seville was used to host games in the Men’s 2020 European Championship as well the final of the Europa League in 2022.

In my opinion the highlight of Seville in terms of sports are the two main football clubs; Sevilla FC and Real Betis. These two rivals are known for their passionate fans and electric atmospheres, and getting tickets to see a game is quite the experience!

Seville also hosts a number of other sporting events throughout the year, with the marathon and half marathon highlights amongst international visitors (great weather, flat course and fast times!).

Music Festivals and Shows in Seville

Seville has a vibrant music scene, hosting modern concerts and festivals with the biggest names in the world.

Seville is also home to some of the most traditional musical shows in the whole of Spain – Flamenco! Considered by many as the ‘Home of Flamenco‘, catching this traditional dance and performance is a must when visiting Seville.

Art and Cultural Events in Seville

Seville’s art and culture scene is pretty lively! The city is known for its rich history, and you’ll find a mix of traditional and modern vibes.

Seville has a large number of museums that hold regular events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Seville Festival and Events Schedule 2024

Here are a selection of the key dats to look out for when visiting Seville in 2024:

Event/FestivalDate Range
Semana Santa (Holy Week)April 7th 2024 – April 14th 2024
April Fair (Feria)April 22nd 2024 – April 28th 2024

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