Seville Half Marathon – Guide and Information

Seville Half Marathon – Guide and Information

Information and Guide about participating in the Seville Half Marathon 2025

half marathon seville
seville half marathon

The Seville Half Marathon (Medio Maratón de Sevilla) is a running event held every January in Seville, suitable for both beginners and experienced runners.

The event is one of the most popular in Europe thanks to the fast and flat course, great weather, and route that goes directly past some of the city’s top attractions.

Seville Half Marathon Key Information

Date January 26th 2025 (Sunday)
Location Seville, Spain
Start Time 9:00 AM
Distance 21.0975 kilometers (13.1 miles)
Registration Fee Entry starts €23 (Early Bird entry), and goes up to €37 (Regular entry)
Route The half marathon has a very scenic route through historic Seville, passing landmarks like such as the Seville Cathedral and Plaza de España. The route is flat with minimal turns making it a great course for fast times and personal bests.
Participant Number Around 12,000 participants in 2023
Support Stations Every 5 kilometres there are stations with water, energy drinks (sponsored by different companies each year), and medical help.
Finish Line The start and finish of the race is at Paseo de las Delicias, at the Buenos Aires roundabout, next to Plaza de España.
Medals and Goody bags Finisher medals for all participants, and goody bag before and after the race (including race t-shirt).
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How is the Seville Half Marathon?

The Seville half marathon is an excellent choice if you’re looking for your first half marathon abroad. As well as the flat and fast course, the event is very well organised, with plenty of volunteers and workers available to support you in both English and Spanish.

Last year (2024) there were over 1300 foreign runners, from 50 different countries, making up around 11% of the total runners, so the event is is very international and friendly to tourists running the route. Announcements and signage are made in both English and Spanish with everything easy to follow and understand.

The half marathon also draws a large crowd of spectators around the city, and it’s one of the most supported runs I’ve seen in my time – with the locals enthusiastic and loud when cheering on the runners.

How much is entry to the Seville Half Marathon and How Do I sign up?

Registration for the 2025 Seville half marathon can be found on the official website here.

Early bird entry (signing up before April 18th 2024) costs €23. Whereas, signing up after this date is tiered and costs €27 (up to 19th July 2024), €32 (up to 21st November) or €37 (all other entries).

The last day to sign up is the 17th of January 2025 (or if the capacity of 17,000 runners is reached).

Getting your Race Number and Starter Information

In order to get your starter information pack, race t-shirt, and race number you need to pick it up in person before the race (on the Friday or Saturday), so be aware of this if travelling from abroad.

This information can be picked up from Centro Deportivo San Pablo in the centre of Seville, and make sure you bring along your ID (passport if coming from abroad).

Seville Half Marathon Race Day Information

The Seville half marathon has professional pacers on the day with a range of times to help push you for a personal best. Pacer times range from 1hr 20m all the way to 2hr 20m and are identified with a large flag attached them positioned at various starter pens before the race

There is a place to store bags during the race, with multiple drop of points positioned right near the start line. Depending on your starting pen (which you will be given in advance), your bag drop-off point will be nearby and clearly signposted.

If you need to store more luggage on the day, check out our luggage storage options in Seville.

Staying in Seville during the Half Marathon

The majority of runners come from across Spain and don’t stay in Seville during the race, this combined with a fairly limited number of runners participating, means the accommodation and hotel situation is normally fairly reasonable, and you can find good deals if you book well in advance.

For a full list of the best hotels to stay in during the half marathon weekend, check out our accommodation and hotel guide.

If you’re looking to make the most of your time in Seville and want to combine your half marathon run by visiting some of Seville’s top attractions, check out our perfect 3 day Seville itinerary and plan accordingly.

Luckily most of Seville’s top attractions are close to the city centre, making it slightly easier for those tired, marathon weary, legs to explore this beautiful city.

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