Seville to Malaga Day Trip – Travel Guide

Seville to Malaga Day Trip – Travel Guide

Tickets and Information for Travelling from Seville to Malaga

seville to malaga day trip
seville to malaga

If you’re staying in the Seville for an extended period of time, and want to explore some more of Andalusia, I can’t recommend Malaga enough.

Famed for its stunning beaches, historic architecture (home to the wonderful Alcazaba fortress), and as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga is a must-see.

Seville to Malaga is close enough to travel and visit in just one day, and here we look at some of the best options.

Seville to Malaga Train

Travelling from Seville to Malaga by train is by far the most easy and convenient way to travel. Having made the journey multiple times, the train is always comfortable, on-time, and stress-free.

For ticket purchases, you can either buy them at the station or pre-book them online, which is advisable to secure a seat.

Unlike other European countries, once all seats are sold, they no longer let people travel – there is no standing space allowed on Spanish trains.

Train Tickets for Seville to Malaga

The best way to book train tickets in Spain is via the TrainLine.

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Using the TrainLine you can purchase tickets using ApplyPay, Paypal, and international cards.
It offers the exact same routes and train bookings (it’s an official Renfe reseller) and is far easier than booking via the Renfe website, which often declines foreign cards and is a nightmare to use.

Trainline has an app, you can download the tickets and just show the QR code on your phone. It’s a simple process, and recommended when booking train tickets from Seville.
Book Train Tickets from Seville via the TrainLine HERE

Trains depart from the Seville-Santa Justa railway station, and there are several direct trains available daily. These trains arrive at Malaga’s main station (María Zambrano) which is central to everything going on in Malaga, and walkable to the majority of tourist hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

For the latest schedules and information you can also check the official Renfe website.

Note: There are two types of train that travel Seville to Malaga, the older style train, and the new high speed models. The high speed trains save almost an hour in travel time (2 hours instead of 3) but tickets cost more money.

Bus from Seville to Malaga

Opting for a bus from Seville to Malaga is a smart choice if you’re looking to save money and don’t mind sacrificing the comfortability of the train.

This journey on a bus usually takes around 3 hours, although this can change based on the exact route and any traffic. I’ve found buses to be a lot less reliable than trains in Spain, with slightly more delays and often inaccurate journey times.

There are a few different operators available to use when travelling Seville to Malaga, with the most popular being ALSA, who have the largest schedule for this route.

You can secure your tickets either online or directly at the bus station; however, an early booking is recommended to guarantee a seat, especially during the summer months and weekends.

Bus Tickets for Seville to Malaga

The best way to book bus tickets in Spain is via Omnio.

Using Omio allows you buy bus tickets using international payment cards with ease.
Omio allows you to see all available options for bus routes to Malaga and allows you to compare multiple bus companies instead of visiting each provider’s site separately.

Use the widget below or check bus availability and prices on Omio.

In Seville, buses mainly depart from the central bus station, Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas and make their stop at the Malaga Bus Station, which is also conveniently located in the city centre.

Guided Day Tours from Seville to Malaga

Guided day tours from Seville to Malaga can be an easier way to experience everything Malaga has to offer without the added stress of planning every little detail and ensuring you have the correct tickets and timings for public transport.

Seville to Malaga Day Trip

Book this all day trip to Malaga from Seville. Includes:
– Transport to and from Malaga in an air conditioned vehicle, including pick-up and drop-off from your Seville hotel.
– 4 Hours in Malaga and 2 hours in Marbella
– Tourist Map provided
– Entrance included for Malaga Picasso Museum

Driving from Seville To Malaga

If you have booked a rental car for your time in Seville then driving is a great option and allows you to plan your day a little easier without having to rely on train or bus schedules.

The driving route for Seville to Malaga is fairly straight forward. The fastest way is to take the main highways, the A-92 and A-45 which is well-marked with signs and fairly scenic with lots of countryside views.

Parking can be a little tricky in the centre of Malaga and I would say the best option is to park at Plaza de la Marina (just opposite Malaga Marina) and to walk into the centre (10 minutes).

Distance from Seville to Malaga

The distance from Seville to Malaga by road is approximately 220 kilometres or 136 miles. The journey usually takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic, transportation, and the route taken.

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