Seville Train Guide – Getting the Train in Seville

Seville Train Guide – Getting the Train in Seville

Tourist Information and Guide on Train Travel in Seville

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The train system in Spain, especially from Seville, is an efficient and well-connected method of transport.

Seville is one of the major hubs for Spain’s high-speed rail network operated by Renfe, offering many services across Spain, making it perfect for tourists looking for day trips from Seville.

Buying Seville Train Tickets

There are a few options when it comes to buying train tickets from Seville.

1. Seville Train Tickets at the Station

You can of course book at the train station, however be aware that tickets on certain trains do sell out, and once all seats are filled there is no more availability (you can’t stand in the aisles).

It is recommended to book online – this way you can guarantee your seat and you don’t need to mess around at the station queuing for tickets.

2. Seville Train tickets online through Renfe

You can book your tickets via the official Renfe website, however I find that this often causes a few issues, with some pages not translating from Spanish very well, and difficulty paying with a foreign debit or credit card.

My recommendation is to book via the TrainLine. This is a company I use often in the UK, but it also extends to European destinations including Spain!

By using the TrainLine you can purchase tickets using ApplyPay, Paypal, and international cards. It offers the exact same routes and train bookings (it’s an official Renfe reseller) and it’s a painless and easy way to book tickets.

They even have an app, and you can download the tickets to this, and just show the QR code on your phone. It’s a simple process, and recommended when booking train tickets from Seville.

Click Here to Book Seville Train Tickets Online

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Seville Train Routes

There are multiple train routes around Spain, with both long and short distance trains from Seville, as well as high/low speed options for different budgets and time constraints.

Long Distance Trains from Seville

Seville is well-connected by long-distance trains, primarily operated by Renfe, the national railway company of Spain.

Almost all of the longer journeys to places such as Madrid and Barcelona depart from the main train station, Santa Justa Station.

Here are a selection of some of the most common long distance train journeys from Seville:

DestinationApproximate Travel Time from SevilleTrain TypeTickets
Madrid2.5 – 3 hoursAVEBook Tickets Online
BarcelonaAround 5.5 hoursAVEBook Tickets Online
ValenciaApproximately 3.5 – 4 hoursAVE/TalgoBook Tickets Online
MalagaAbout 2 hoursAltaria/TalgoBook Tickets Online
CordobaAround 45 minutesAVE/AltariaBook Tickets Online
GranadaApproximately 3 hoursAVE/TalgoBook Tickets Online

Train journey times depend on the type of train used, with the newer AVE Trains (Alta Velocidad Española) being high speed trains that enable you to get to Madrid in less than 3 hours.

These faster high speed trains cost more than the standard train services (Altaria/Talgo), but get you there a lot faster.

Prices tend to be cheapest when the train schedules are first announced (this can be up to 12 weeks before departure) and it is highly recommended to book as early as possible. Prices increase as time goes on and often the trains can sell-out.

For full information about routes and schedules check out the Renfe website.

short distance train from seville
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Short Distance Trains

Seville also has a smaller commuter train service known as Cercanías, which provides short-distance train connections within the metropolitan area of Seville and its surrounding suburbs.

These are not often used by tourists visiting Seville for a couple of days, and none of the stops really offer any easy access to the main Seville attractions.

The short distance lines are normally occupied mainly by locals and commuters coming to Seville for work.

The Cercanías train network is also operated by Renfe.

The primary Cercanías lines serving Seville are C-1 and C-3. These lines connect Seville with nearby towns and cities, making it convenient for daily commuters and short-distance travelers. Some of the key destinations covered by these lines include Dos Hermanas, Utrera, Carmona, and San Bernardo.

How are the Seville Train Journeys?

The train system in Spain is well regarded and ran to a high and efficient standard. Train’s are very rarely late, and often depart on-time, with plenty of time for passengers to board safely.

Furthermore, booking tickets on the Spanish rail has to be done before boarding, and every ticket comes with a seat reservation – this ensures there is no standing up or battle to get a seat.

Most long distance services have a carriage dedicated to food and drinks, where you can purchase a range of snacks (hot and cold) and beverages.

If you are travelling long distance, and especially to Madrid, you will need to go through some security checks in the train station before departure. This is a lot less intense than airport security and requires you to put your luggage through a scanner before boarding the train.

Seville Train Map – Routes Across Spain

Here is a map of Spain train lines and where you can get to from Seville:

seville train map across Spain
Upirix, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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