Game of Thrones Seville – Locations GOT Sevilla

Game of Thrones Seville – Locations GOT Sevilla

Seville and Game of Thrones – Alcazar Seville Game of Thrones Filming

Alcazar Palace Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Seville

Seville has been a popular location for movies and TV shows, including HBO’s Game of Thrones, where it was used for parts of the fictional city, King’s Landing.

The show used some of the city’s well-known attractions to represent key locations in the series and tourists visiting Seville can experience Westeros when checking them out.

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Game of Thrones Seville Locations

Here is a full overview of the different locations that were used in Game of Thrones and filmed in Seville:

The Alcázar Palace as the Water Gardens of Dorne

No location in Seville contributed more screen time than the Royal Alcázar Palace. The sprawling 14th century palace, renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful, provided exteriors and interiors spanning numerous scenes throughout the series.

Most prominently, the beautiful and famous palace gardens stood in for the Water Gardens of Dorne, home to House Martell. The geometrically lined ponds, multiple fountains, and neatly clipped hedgerows hosted everything filmed in Dorne and was the perfect fit to match the peaceful descriptions of Dorne in the books.

Meanwhile, the heavily decorated Alcázar palace rooms hosted royal audiences, strategy sessions, and relationship dramas between various characters, in particular the Lannisters and their ongoing fued with the Tyrells.

If you’re a fan of the show or just love historical places, visiting the Alcázar is a great option. You’d get to see where some iconic scenes were filmed and also learn about Spanish history.

Italica Ruins as the Dragon pit Entrance

A mere 30 minutes outside Seville, the ancient Roman town of Italica, with its amphitheaters and mosaic floors, proved the ideal backdrop for King’s Landings’ Dragonpit entrance. The stones of this ruined city convincingly resembled the scorched remnants of the towering Dragonpit itself.

CGI then transformed Italica into the fully formed arena where Daenerys once housed her now massive dragons. The striking site continues to attract Game of Thrones fans eager to walk in the footsteps of Khaleesi.

Tourists can visit the italica via a guided tour from Seville (coach provided) or take public transport to reach the historic site.

A full guide on the Italica site can be found here.

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Filming Locations Tour – Italica

Explore the fascinating history of Italica, just outside Seville’s centre, where Roman emperors were once born and the hit TV show Game of Thrones was filmed.
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Alcazar Tour with Game of Thrones Introduction Tour

The Royal Alcazar is one of the main attractions to visit in Seville. It’s also the home to some of the scenes filmed in Game of Thrones. The stunning palace and beautiful gardens were key locations including the royal residences in Kings Landing and the water gardens in Dorne.
– Knowledgable guide who is passionate about Game of Thrones
– Discover the historic Alcazar and visit one of Seville’s top attractions!
– Tickets start from just €40 (Book Tickets Online)

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