Seville Taxi Guide – Getting a Taxi in Seville

Seville Taxi Guide – Getting a Taxi in Seville

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Taxis in Seville are a safe and convenient mode of transportation, with licensed drivers, regulated fares, and the availability of taxi-hailing apps like Cabify.

Taxis in Seville Overview

Taxis in Seville are operated by licensed drivers and regulated by the local government. They are easily identifiable by their white colour and rooftop taxi sign and you can find taxi ranks throughout Seville.

Seville’s taxis use a metered fare system, regulated by the local authorities. The meter starts running when you board the taxi.

The starting fare for a taxi ride in Seville is typically around 1.45 to 1.65 euros. The fare in Seville is approximately 0.92 to 1.15 euros per kilometer. This rate is increased during the evening and around bank holidays.

Best Places to Get a Taxi in Seville

In Seville city centre, you can easily find taxis at designated taxi stands (paradas de taxis in Spanish) located at strategic points such as popular squares, transportation hubs, and major attractions. Some recommended places to find taxis in the city centre include:

Plaza NuevaMain square in the city centre with a taxi stand.
Puerta de JerezNear the historic centre and Royal Alcázar, usually with available taxis.
Santa Justa Train StationMain Seville train station with a designated taxi rank.
Prado de San SebastiánMain Seville bus station, often with taxis available.
Cathedral/Giralda AreaAround the iconic Seville Cathedral, frequently visited by taxis.

Taxi Apps in Seville

There are also taxi apps in Seville, where you can order a taxi from your phone.

Whilst Uber does operate in Seville, it’s one of their poorer city services, with a lack of drives often being a common problem, causing long waits.

My personal recommendation is to use Cabify, which works in the exact same way as Uber and allows you to book and pay for taxis on your phone app.

The best thing about using an app whilst in Seville is that you can guarantee a fixed price for the journey, and pay for the journey on your phone – which can be useful when travelling abroad and ensures no issues with card payments.

Another app service in Seville is FreeNow which is a fairly new service being rolled out across the whole of Spain, but is growing very fast. If you are not rushed for time it may be worth comparing prices across the apps or looking for new user discounts.

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Seville Airport Taxi

Seville Airport is well-connected by taxi services. The journey from the city centre to the airport typically takes around 20-25 minutes, and fares range from 25 to 40 euros.

There is a taxi-rank outside the airport, and you can get a taxi to the airport from various ranks in the city centre. There is a fixed rate (which varies) to the airport which is normally around 35 euros.

It can be cheaper to book a private transfer, which normally comes to around 25 euros (guarantees no queuing at the airport as well).

Read our full guide to Seville airport transfers here.

Pre-Booking a Taxi in Seville

There are also various services to pre-book taxis in Seville if you’re looking to plan ahead or want transport to longer distance locations.

One such service is Kiwitaxi where you can pre-book a taxi or transfer service before your trip. It’s super easy and quick to do, and you can book with just a couple of clicks.

Their drivers are professional and speak English, and it’s one fixed price, with no hidden charges. Fully recommended if you are looking to travel in or outside of Seville.

Click here to check prices and to book your taxi online.


Seville Taxi FAQs

Is there Uber in Seville?

Yes, Uber does operate in Seville, however it does lack drivers and can often lead to long wait times. There are similar alternatives to Uber that operate in the same way. For me, I’d recommend Cabify when visiting Seville.

Do taxis in Seville take credit cards?

In 2024 the majority of taxis in Seville now take credit card. It is still worth checking with the driver before entering to confirm, and sometimes it’s good to have back up cash in case a card fails (which can sometimes happen with international cards being used abroad).

Are taxis in Seville safe?

Yes, taxis in Seville are generally considered safe. The city has a regulated taxi system, and licensed taxi drivers undergo background checks and adhere to specific safety standards. It’s advisable to use official taxi stands or reputable taxi apps.

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