Seville Bike Tours – Guide and Tickets

Seville Bike Tours – Guide and Tickets

Best Bike Tour Seville – Sevilla Bike Tour Tickets and Tourist Information

seville bike tour
bike tour seville

Bike tours in Seville offer an excellent way to explore this charming Spanish city. Visitors can pedal through Seville’s historic streets, enjoying the sights of iconic landmarks like the Seville Cathedral, Plaza de España, and the winding lanes of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. These tours provide an eco-friendly and immersive experience, allowing tourists to absorb the city’s rich history and vibrant culture at a leisurely pace whilst also getting some exercise in!

Here are 5 of the best bike tours you can book in Seville:

Top 5 Seville Bike Tours

1. Relaxing Seville Bike Tour with a Tour Guide

Embark on a leisurely bike tour through the enchanting Barrio Santa Cruz of Seville. Begin your journey by cycling through the lush Jardines de Murillo and marvel at the historic Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos and Seville University.

Continue your exploration to Parque María Luisa, the focal point of the 1929 Iberian-American Exposition. Then, follow the route to the riverbank, where you’ll catch a glimpse of Triana and the Torre del Oro bullring. Heading north, you’ll reach the Cartuja, and witness the Monasterio de la Cartuja.

As you cycle back to the city centre and Alameda, soak in the vibrant nightlife scene. Meander through the winding streets and alleys, making a pitstop at the renowned Campana Café to prepare for your visit to the famous “setas” (mushrooms). Conclude your journey with a quick pedal through Santa Cruz, passing by the cathedral and Alcazar. This bike tour allows you to explore Seville at a relaxed pace, taking in its historical and cultural treasures at your own rhythm.

2. Seville 3-Hour Historical Bike Tour

Discover the vibrant history and culture of Seville on a 3-hour historical bike tour. Join a local guide who will lead you through the city’s bustling streets and picturesque plazas. Along the way, visit iconic landmarks such as Triana neighbourhood, the Chapel of Santa Ana, the Cathedral, Maria Luisa Park, the Golden Tower, Plaza de España, Alcázar, and more. Gain insights into Seville’s rich history and Moorish influence still seen in its architecture. You’ll also explore hidden gems, providing a glimpse into the local way of life. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or recommendations for Flamenco, tapas, shopping, or nightlife, this tour offers a delightful and informative experience suitable for families, friends, and groups.

3. Electric Bike Tour of Seville

Explore the wonders of Seville on an electric bike tour, effortlessly covering both renowned landmarks and hidden treasures. Riding an ebike allows you to travel a greater distance within the city with minimal effort, granting access to sites that may be out of reach by car or bus. This mode of transport is especially convenient on hot days.

Throughout your guided e-bike adventure, you’ll encounter attractions like the Alcazar Palace, the picturesque Triana and Arenal districts, Maria Luisa Park, and the iconic Plaza de España.

Beyond the scenic beauty, this enjoyable trip also provides you with a valuable introduction to Seville, offering insights into the city’s top sites and practical tips for your stay. Your knowledgeable guide will share recommendations for the finest dining establishments, theatres, bars, and more, ensuring you make the most of your visit to Seville.

4. Seville 3-Hour Sunset Bike Tour

As the sun gracefully sets over Seville by the tranquil river Guadalquivir, embark on a bike tour that unveils the city’s rich history and charm. Accompanied by your knowledgeable guide, you’ll delve into the heart of Seville, visiting iconic monuments, neighbourhoods, and places that define the city’s character.

The tour covers many of the essential sites, including Palacio San Telmo, Plaza de Toros, The Cathedral, Alcázar, Plaza de España, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Torre del Oro, and many more. The enchanting twilight setting provides a magical backdrop for your exploration.

Your experienced guides is readily available to answer your queries. Don’t hesitate to seek advice on local dining, flamenco, and other insider tips, ensuring that you make the most of your time in Seville. This bike tour is a delightful way to experience the city’s beauty and heritage as the day transitions into night.

5. Seville 3-Hour Tapas Tour by Bike

Indulge in the culinary delights of Seville with a 3-hour bike tour that offers a perfect blend of culture and food. During this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the distinct flavours of the city at three different tapas bars. Tapas, small savoury dishes traditionally enjoyed with drinks, are a quintessential part of Spanish cuisine.

As you cycle through the charming streets of Seville alongside a local guide, you’ll discover the city’s most beautiful corners and iconic landmarks. Your journey will include stops at typical tapas bars and wineries that uphold the age-old customs of Andalusia. Here, you can relish multiple flavours, all while immersing yourself in the rich culture and culinary traditions of Seville.