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Seville Cooking Class

Guide and Information for Cookery Classes Sevilla

Cookery classes in Seville offer a delicious way to dive into the local culture, giving you the chance to learn traditional Andalusian recipes in a hands-on environment. These classes are becoming a hot trend for tourists and locals alike, with multiple schools and chefs eager to share their culinary secrets. Most classes focus on local favourites like paella, gazpacho, and tapas, showing you not just how to cook them but also the history behind the dishes. Whether you’re a cooking novice or a seasoned home chef, the classes are tailored to all skill levels, making it a perfect activity to maximise your time in Seville.

The classes are usually segmented by skill level, from beginner to advanced, and are conducted by experienced chefs who provide valuable tips and tricks. You’ll typically cover several recipes in one class, ranging from iconic dishes like paella and gazpacho to lesser-known local favourites. After the hands-on cooking experience, you often get to sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve prepared, offering a satisfying end to the session.

Here are a selection of my favourite cookery classes and lessons in Seville:

Cooking Classes Seville Booking Guide

1. Cooking Class and Triana Market Tour:

I highly recommend the 3.5-hour cooking class and Triana Market tour in Seville. The class kicks off with a guided tour of the market where you get to learn about its history and the local produce. You then move to the cooking school, also located in the market, where a professional chef guides you through making authentic dishes like Salmorejo, Spinach with Chickpeas, and of course, Paella. The class is both educational and entertaining, and they even serve Sangria to get everyone in the social spirit. To top it all off, you enjoy the meal you’ve prepared while sipping on two additional drinks of beer or wine.

2. Seville Paella Cooking Experience on a Rooftop Terrace:

For those who have a special love for paella, I can’t recommend enough this unique cooking class set on a stunning rooftop in Seville. The view alone is worth it, but the experience takes it to another level. You not only learn how to cook paella, Spain’s most famous dish, but you also get to sip on delicious sangria while soaking up the city’s scenery. The guides are super helpful and share the history of each ingredient, so you’ll come away with a full understanding of this iconic dish. After watching your guides cook, you get to relax and enjoy your freshly-made paella on the terrace.

3. Seville Spanish Cooking Class with Dinner:

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the flavors of Seville, I highly recommend this 3-hour cooking class with dinner. Located in the heart of Triana Market, the setting is ideal for both novice cooks and those with more experience in the kitchen. A professional chef walks you through preparing a variety of dishes, from salmorejo or gazpacho to start, to classic tapas like spinach with chickpeas and huevos a la flamenca. And let’s not forget the paella you’ll be making for your main course! To keep things lively, sangria is served throughout the lesson and you also get two additional drinks during dinner. As a sweet end to the experience, you’ll make a light lemon sorbet with Cava.

Seville Cookery Classes FAQ

What Types of Cookery Classes Are Available in Seville?

Several types of cookery classes are available, ranging from traditional Andalusian cuisine to modern Spanish dishes. You can learn to make paella, tapas, gazpacho, and more.

Are the Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, most classes are suitable for all skill levels. Instructors usually provide step-by-step guidance, making it a great experience for beginners.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Ingredients?

Typically, all the ingredients and cooking equipment are provided by the class. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm this when booking.

How Long Do the Classes Last?

Most classes last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the dishes and the structure of the class.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

The age requirement varies depending on the cooking school. Some classes are family-friendly, while others might be geared towards adults.

Can I Book a Private Class?

Yes, many schools and chefs offer the option of private classes. These are great for special occasions or for those looking for a more personalized experience.

Do Classes Include a Market Tour?

Some cooking classes include a tour of a local food market where you learn how to select fresh ingredients for your dishes.

What Languages Are the Classes Taught In?

While the primary language is often Spanish, many classes are also offered in English. It’s recommended to check the language options when booking.