Seville Walking Tour – Free Walking Tour Seville

Seville Walking Tour – Free Walking Tours Seville

Guide and Tourist Information for Paid and Free Walking Tours Sevilla

A guided walking tour of Seville is a fantastic way to get to know the city. These tours usually last a couple of hours and are led by a local guide who knows the ins and outs of the place. You’ll get to walk through the city’s narrow streets and explore key spots like the Seville Cathedral, Alcazar, and the Plaza de España. Your guide will tell you stories and facts about these landmarks, which really brings the history to life.

One of the best things about a Seville walking tour is the personal touch. You can ask questions and get recommendations for other things to do, eat, or see in Seville.

A free walking tour is tip-based and doesn’t require upfront payment, while a paid walking tour has a set fee and often includes extras like admission to attractions or food samples.

Seville Walking Tours (Paid) Tickets and Information

Seville Santa Cruz Old Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

This first tour is one of the best you can do in Seville. Santa Cruz is Seville’s historic Jewish Quarter and it’s like stepping back in time. This area is a maze of narrow, winding streets filled with whitewashed buildings and colourful flowers hanging from the balconies. Once the heart of the city’s Jewish community, it’s now one of the most popular spots for tourists, and for good reason. It’s home to some of Seville’s most iconic landmarks, including the Alcazar and Seville Cathedral.

– The tour lasts for 1.5 hours

– Attraction Tickets are not included. Tickets cost just €15 (Book Tickets Online)

Seville: Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour

The “Seville: Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour” is a unique way to explore the city’s lesser-known stories, myths, and folklore. Instead of just focusing on the well-known landmarks and historical facts, this tour digs deeper into the city’s mysterious past. Led by a guide who’s well-versed in local legends, you’ll wander through the maze-like streets of neighbourhoods like Santa Cruz and Triana, hearing tales of ghosts, hidden treasures, and unexplained events

– The tour lasts for 1.5 hours and starts in the evening (8pm) with the darkness adding to the atmosphere!

– Guided Tour Tickets cost just €15 (Book Tickets Online)

Other Seville Walking Tour Tickets

Here are some more excellent walking tours in Seville:

Free Walking Tours Seville

Free walking tours are guided tours where you don’t have to pay upfront. Instead, at the end of the tour, you’re encouraged to give the guide a tip based on how much you enjoyed the tour and what you think it was worth. These tours are often led by locals who are passionate about their city and want to share their knowledge with visitors.

The tours usually cover popular sights and landmarks, and the guide will tell you about the history and culture of the place. Because they’re tip-based, guides are usually motivated to give a really good tour so that people will tip well. These tours are a great option if you’re on a budget or if you want a more laid-back, flexible tour experience. Just keep in mind that while the tour itself is “free,” it’s good practice to tip your guide if you found the tour informative and enjoyable.

Free Walking Tours Seville

How to Book Free Walking Tours Seville

On this free walking tour in Seville, you get to see top landmarks like Seville Cathedral, Royal Alcázar, and Maria Luisa Park while learning about the city’s rich history, from its Moorish past to the present. The tour is tip-based, so it is expected that can pay what you think it’s worth at the end.

As it’s a free walking tour, there are no attraction entry tickets included in the tour, but it will still give you a great overview of Seville. The tour guides know all of the best free spots so you can still see the outside of some of these beautiful venues.

The tour lasts 2 hours, and there are options to book it in English or Spanish

On the free walking tours I have been on in Seville, there have been stops briefly for snacks and refreshments at a local tapas bar or cafe

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