Sunset in Seville – 5 Most Beautiful Spots

Sunset in Seville – 5 Most Beautiful Spots

Best Locations and Times for Sunset in Sevilla

Looking for the perfect spot to catch the sunset in Seville? The city’s location in southern Spain and the glorious climate all year long means that the sunsets can be particularly beautiful.

I’ve seen many different sunsets in Seville and it’s crazy how different they can be – some filled with shades of orange, some with pink, others red! All of them stunning, making for an excellent photo.

So after a long day sight seeing, make sure you get to one of Seville’s many vantage points and enjoy the sunset with a local wine or beer!

sunset in seville
seville sunset

What Time is Sunset in Seville?

The time of sunset in Seville varies throughout the year. In winter, it can be as early as around 6:30 PM, and in summer it can go until about 9:15 PM. The following are approximate times, so it’s good to check a reliable source if you need exact timing for a specific date.


Best Locations for Watching Sunset in Seville

Here are a selection of the best locations to watch the sunset:

1. Giralda Tower

The Giralda Tower, next to Seville Cathedral, offers one of the most iconic views of Seville. If you’re able to climb up to the top before closing time you’ll be able to watch the sun dip below the city’s skyline, casting an orange glow on the city’s beautiful architecture.

It’s both romantic and a photographer’s dream spot.

Photo Tip: Stand in the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, which gives you a clear shot of the Giralda Tower. The palm trees in the plaza add a tropical feel, and the tower is beautifully illuminated by the setting sun.

2. Plaza de España

With its stunning architecture and water features, Plaza de España is already a must-visit. But stay a bit later to catch the sunset reflecting on the water and across the plaza.

The colours light up the plaza’s magnificent tiles, making for a surreal experience. The Plaza is open all evening, and often you’ll find entertainment (flamenco dancing) and food/drink stalls scattered around.

Photo Tip: Stand near the canal with the building’s impressive facade as your backdrop. The sunset light reflects off the water and adds a magical touch to your photos.

3. Triana Bridge

Also known as the Isabel II Bridge, this is the perfect place for a waterfront sunset. The view includes the Triana neighbourhood and the Guadalquivir River. There are plenty of restaurants dotted around the river bank, with tables overlooking the water if you wanted to make your sunset experience even more special.

Photo Tip: Position yourself at the centre of the bridge. The setting sun casts a golden glow on the water, and you’ll also capture the Triana district in the background.

4. Metropol Parasol

Commonly known as Las Setas, this magnificent wooden structure offers a modern twist to your sunset view. You can head up to the terrace for a panoramic view that includes both the old and new parts of Seville.

The lighting of the Metropol also really adds to the sunset experience, and multiple different colour lights illuminate the mushroom shaped landmark making for an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Just remember that visiting in the evening is actually more expensive than in the day!

Photo Tip: Go to the top level for a panoramic view of the city, and position your camera to catch the sunset behind the Seville Cathedral. The wooden structure can make for a unique frame.

5. Torre del Oro

The Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) is an old naval watchtower by the Guadalquivir River that offers another unique vantage point.

The tower gets its name because of the way the sun reflects against the water and onto the tower, offering a golden glow – it has to be seen to be believed!

Being by the water, you get to see the sunset’s reflection on the river, plus it’s not as crowded as other spots, so it offers a more intimate and relaxing setting

Photo Tip: Take your photo from across the river for a view of the tower against the sky. As the sun sets, the tower can silhouette beautifully against the colourful sky.

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