Craft Beer in Seville – Best Bars Guide

Craft Beer in Seville – Best Bars Guide

Guide and Information for Craft Beer Sevilla

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It is fair to say that when you visit Seville and ask for a beer, there is normally only one option – Cruzcampo!

Most tapas bars and restaurants in Seville have no craft beer options, and thanks to the intense Seville heat the demand for an ice cold, light, crisp lager is high.

However, as delicious as the local beer is (especially alongside some salty tapas!), there has been a growing demand in recent years, from both locals and tourists, for Craft Beer in Seville.

Here are a selection of the best Craft Beer bars in Seville as of 2024:

Best Seville Craft Beer Bars:

1. Maquila Bar

Maquila Bar is currently Seville’s only recognised ‘brewpub’ making it the very best place in Seville for craft beer. The bar is tucked away on Calle Delgado in the centre, and it manages to effortlessly combine craft beer with gastro-pub style tapas.

They craft their own beer on-site (literally in the kitchen), proudly labelled as ‘Son’ (a beer that originally comes from the nearby Cordoba) and Son comes in a few offerings including an amber ale, a pumpkin ale and also a porter. As I stepped in, the friendly staff were quick to showcase an impressive array of artisanal beers but also highlighted a rotating selection of 6 guest beers on tap – mostly sourced locally from within Spain.

The food is great, and complements the beer well, with a few dishes infused with the on-site brewed beer. I recommend the beef cheeks and the cheesecake (one of the best I’ve had in Spain!) Of course, as is common with many craft beer bars, there are slight hipster vibes, but the atmosphere is friendly and it’s a relaxing place to grab a beer and some food.

Address: C. Delgado, 4, Casco Antiguo, 41002 Sevilla, Spain


Craft Beer Highlights: Son (Brewed on-site), 6 Guest Beer taps (rotated monthly), Selection of local Spanish ales.

2. Hops & Dreams

Hops & Dreams is another excellent choice of craft beer bar in central Seville. The bar was actually opened by two former staff members of Maquila Bar (first on this list), and the vibe is definitely similar, showcasing their knowledge and experience in the craft beer scene.

The bar has 8 guest beers on tap at all times, with a variety of local and international beers of various percentages. The staff know their stuff and are happy to recommend and talk about the beer in a friendly and helpful way. Although I am often recommended the most expensive beer, it’s normally for a reason, and I’ve rarely had a bad beer from here.

The food is very good quality and I’ve found it caters a lot more for vegetarian and vegan diets than a lot of places normally do in Seville

Address: Jesús del Gran Poder, 83, Casco Antiguo, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

Website: Facebook Page

Craft Beer Highlights: 8 Guest Beer taps (rotated monthly), Selection of local Spanish ales, Large international collection of bottles and cans.

3. Gallo Rojo

Gallo Rojo isn’t really your traditional craft beer bar, and is more of an event space, often hosting talks on subjects like art, books, films and local culture. However it does have an excellent bar as well serving excellent craft beer, and you can visit for a drink at any time.

The bar has 8 beer taps, that are rotated monthly and consists a range of local Spanish beers and international ales from around the world.

The bar is located centrally in Seville, very close to the main tourist attractions and next to La Setas. It is well worth checking the website for the latest events, as there is some really cool things to do whilst sipping on your craft beers – they even sometimes have beer brewing workshops!

Address: C. Madre María de la Purísima, 9, Casco Antiguo, 41003 Sevilla, Spain


Craft Beer Highlights: 8 Guest Beer taps (rotated monthly), Selection of local Spanish ales, Large international collection of bottles and cans.

4. Cervezas Rio Azul

Cervezas Rio Azul is a great option for craft beer, however the problem is the location. It’s not the easiest of bars to get to in Seville, and isn’t central or located near some of the city’s top attractions.

To get there you will need to jump on the metro and got a place called La Plata followed by a short walk. Otherwise you can just get a taxi or even walk (50 minutes) from the centre.

Cervezas Rio Azul is probably worth the journey though and is set in a very cool location – a former textile room with lots of industrial brewing equipment and a stylish large open-space seating area.

The craft beer selection is excellent with the bar specialising in Session IPAs. I visited during the Oktoberfest themed festival and has some delicious German beers as well as a Bratwurst style hot dog! The bar also hosts live music events most weeks, with a relaxed atmosphere and vibe.

Address: C. Lana, 6, 41006 Sevilla, Spain


Craft Beer Highlights: Large selection of international beers and ales, rotating selection of beers on tap as well as bottles and cans.

Ordering a Beer in Spanish

Most craft beer bars in Seville are geared towards tourists, and the staff’s level of English is excellent. However, here are a few phrases that could help you when ordering and choosing your drink in a Seville craft beer bar:

Can I have a beer, please?¿Me pones una cerveza, por favor?
I’d like a cold beer.Quisiera una cerveza fría.
What beers do you have on tap?¿Qué cervezas tienen de barril?
A pint of beer, please.Una jarra de cerveza, por favor.
Do you have any local beers?¿Tienen cervezas locales?
I prefer a light beer.Prefiero una cerveza clara.
Is there a beer menu?¿Hay una carta de cervezas?
How much is a beer?¿Cuánto cuesta una cerveza?
I’ll have the same as him/her.Tomaré lo mismo que él/ella.

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