Paddle Boarding Seville – Tickets and Guide

Paddle Boarding Seville – Tickets and Guide

Tourist Information for Paddle Boarding in Seville

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Paddle boarding is one of my favourite activities to do in Seville – not only is it excellent fun, but it also offers a unique view of the city and the chance to see the many landmarks from the water.

Over the last few years Seville paddle boarding has gained a lot of popularity and there are now several places that provide rental equipment and guided tours – here we look at some of the best paddle boarding options.

Paddle Boarding Seville Tickets and Guided Tours

Book tickets and tours for Paddle Boarding in Sevilla

While you can rent paddle board equipment and go alone, I think it’s well worth booking an excursion with a guide. Not only is it a safer option, but you’ll get some commentary and information on the attractions you’re passing by. The paddle board excursions will provide you with life jackets, changing rooms, restrooms, hats and even take photos for you!

Sunset/Evening Paddle Board Tour

One of the best ways to Paddle Board in Seville is do it in the evening as the sun is setting. You will be led on a guided tour down the River Guadalquivir as the city of Seville is illuminated in a beautiful way. It’s perfectly safe in the evening, and the photo opportunities are second to none, offering you the chance of cool silhouette snap!

1.5-Hour Paddle Surf Tour

If you’d prefer to paddle board in the day, and make the most of that beautiful Seville sun then there are also plenty of options! Check out the sights of Sevilla from the Guadalquivir River in this 1.5-hour guided tour. Pass the Triana Bridge, the Torre del Oro, and spot the Giralda tower at the Cathedral. All while learning stories and history from a local guide.

Seville Paddle Boarding FAQ

The main spot is the Guadalquivir River – the river is calm and safe, and is easy to locate from central Seville.

Is any previous experience required to paddle board in Seville?

No, paddle boarding in Seville is suitable for both beginners and experienced boarders. For beginners it is recommended to go as part of a guided tour or to at least take a lesson before venturing out alone.

Can I rent paddle boarding equipment in Seville?

Yes, there are several rental services along the Guadalquivir River where you can rent all necessary equipment.

Is paddle boarding in Seville a year-round activity?

Primarily, paddle boarding is enjoyed from late spring to early autumn, leveraging the warmer and sunnier weather. Seville has a warm climate even in winter, so this is a year round activity.

What should I bring for a paddle boarding session in Seville?

You should bring comfortable and suitable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Is it safe to paddle board on the Guadalquivir River?

Yes, the river offers calm waters, making it a safe spot for paddle boarding. However, always follow safety instructions and guidelines provided by rental services or tour guides.

Can I paddle board if I can’t swim?

It’s not recommended. Knowing how to swim adds a layer of safety when you’re paddle boarding on the river.

Are there age restrictions for paddle boarding in Seville?

Generally, children under the age of 12 are not permitted to paddle board for safety reasons.