Seville Airport Hotel – Best Options

Seville Airport Hotel – Best Options

Information and Guide for Seville Airport Hotels

seville airport hotel
seville airport hotel

Travelling can often be a stressful time, and depending on flight times staying close to the airport can ease that anxiety. It can help set you up properly for a day of travel, or freshen you up ready for a day of exploring Seville’s many attractions.

Seville airport is located fairly close to the centre of Seville (around 10km) with good public transport links into the city. Despite this, there are also a small collection of Seville airport hotels.

Is it Worth Staying in a Seville Airport Hotel?

In my opinion staying in a dedicated Seville Airport hotel is not worth it and I would not recommend it. The centre of Seville is just 10km away from the airport, and only takes around 15 minutes to drive.

Perhaps it could be necessary to stay in a Seville airport hotel if you’ve got a very early morning flight, or, a flight that falls outside of regular transport hours.

The selection, and quality of hotels available in the centre of Seville is significantly better than those available around the airport. Furthermore, the area around the airport isn’t the most beautiful part of Seville and dining options and tourist attractions are limited.

In fact, as of 2024, there is only one real ‘Airport’ dedicated hotel in Seville (Ibis Budget, details below).

For these reasons we recommend booking a hotel in the centre (even for early flights).

Check out our guides to the best hotels in Seville below:

It is worth noting that sometimes the hotels near Seville airport have some very good deals, especially when you are looking at last minute bookings. Seeing as the airport is so close to the centre this can be a cost effective way of staying in Seville.

This can be particularly useful during busy periods in the summer, or when there is a major festival or event. For example, if you’re struggling for accommodation during Semana Santa or the April Fair, then looking further afield, such as around the airport, can be a good idea for accommodation.

Seville Airport Hotel Options

There are no hotels directly in Seville Airport, or any that are within a realistic walking distance to the terminals. This means that even if you stay at one of the hotels regarded as an ‘airport hotel‘, you will still need to arrange some sort of transport.

If you do decide that staying in a Seville airport hotel is the best option for you, then here is a selection of the best options available:

Note: There is now only one ‘dedicated’ Seville Airport Hotel.

Ibis Budget Sevilla Aeropuerto

Ibis Budget Sevilla Aeropuerto General Information


Pension Nºrta : H/Se/01250, Pl. Gota de Leche, 1, Norte, 41007 Sevilla, Spain

Reviews and Prices

Rated 3.5/5 on TripAdvisor (906 reviews)
Price per night starts from €45. (Click Here for Latest Prices and to Book Online)

This dedicated airport hotel in Seville is located just a 5 minutes drive away from the departure terminals and situated on a pedestrian street with easy access to the nearby motorway.

The Ibis Budget is fairly basic, and this reflected in the low price, but includes lots of useful amenities. They have free Wifi, air conditioned rooms, and flat screen tv’s with multiple channel options.

The hotel offers a continental breakfast for guests including hot and cold drinks, pastries and bread/toast.

Hotel staff are friendly and speak excellent English.

The dedicated airport bus line stops right next to the hotel (literally metres) making it convenient for those early morning or late night flights. Taxis can also be booked from reception if needed.

Click Here for Latest Prices and to Book Online

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